The castrum

The Castrum and its B&B are located in Vittorio Veneto in the northern part of the province of Treviso. Privately owned since the beginning of the century, it remained closed to the public for many years. Today it provides an elegant setting for concerts and cultural events that make the area inside its ancient walls pulse with activity. From the end of June to the end of July, it also hosts an important theatre festival that attracts visitors from all parts of Italy.

Like in days gone by when the Castrum was the cultural centre of the town below.

Today, the Main Tower houses an enchanting B&B, with two apartments and three bedrooms beautifully appointed with antique furniture pieces, offering all the comforts as well as delightful scenic and serene seclusion. All this, plus the typical hospitality of a private home.

A fourteenth-century fresco, housed on the ground floor of the Museo del Cenedese, previously Town Hall of Serravalle, reminds us of the glorious past of the Castrum and of Serravalle.